‘Laundry Day’ by Dakota Gearhart: now showing at The Unstitute

dakota_gearhartStill from ‘Laundry Day’ by Dakota Gearhart


How often do you see, quite plainly, the bizarre cognitive dissonances unavoidable in a media-saturated environment? Within the first minute of ‘Laundry Day’, this dissonance becomes quite apparent; high-resolution images from the Hubble Space Telescope – digital depictions of stars, galaxies and nebulae – are lovingly caressed by a mouse-pointer as the narrator discusses the nuances of her laundry. Witty, banal, critical, surreal; ‘Laundry Day’ mobilises a myriad of ideas with incredible efficiency. We suggest you watch it for yourselves.

Watch ‘Laundry Day’


About the Projection Room

The Projection Room at The Unstitute was created to screen challenging, experimental video art from around the world in one online location, accessible anywhere with an internet connection, at no cost. The videos selected are drawn from the peripheries of mainstream visual cultures, where manifold voices incessantly define the boundaries of what can be said through conventional modes of expression. Videos are not selected on the basis of technical merit or aspiration to conventional controls and standards.

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