The neat angle of the grass as it joins the pavement in this quiet niche of the municipal gardens is certainly no place to hesitate, when to hesitate is to signal the shady characters who always wait with interminable patience over there behind the trees where the shade is thickest. Even if it were not the case that such characters – though they go about their business in the most ordinary of ways and even a sideways glance may be misconstrued – were any more likely to pose a danger than you do yourself, the suggestiveness of this place, the way the pavement folds along the grass so neatly, is all too much to resist and helplessness becomes the only motive. The cautious eyes of children, women alone, flashing across to the shade of the trees and back again invites the inevitable even if you intend no such thing – you stalk out from the thicket and approach if only because she hesitates for a moment –

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